Client Testimonials

I recently purchased the CX-5 Touring and absolutely love it. From the initial emails with the staff clearing up the confusion between inventory to talking through the different models I was able to get a great suv within the budget I had. Everyone was very accommodating allowing the purchase to be efficient and easy.
Andy Wojciechowicz   Mazda   CX-5

The absolute best car buying experience I have had in my life! After having wasted an entire Saturday driving from one local Chicago land dealer to another. I was promised via phone that the car I was looking for was waiting for me at each new destination, with that never ending up having been true. I almost gave up, but got just enough energy, after a couple of days, to call Boucher Imports. Not only was the car I was looking for in stock, but I was sent pictures from Ryan's personal cell phone (Ryan being the sales associate) showing me that he pulled the car out to the front of the dealership, waiting for my arrival. When first arriving I was asked for nothing, and immediately was offered to go for a test drive, which I did. The car was exactly what I was looking for! Working out a price and the time spent closing the deal was as painless as I could never have imagined a car purchase being. No pressure, lots of information about the car and the rest of the paperwork process. I would recommend this dealer to anyone, not just local, but from anywhere. Your trip will be rewarded and your experience will be remembered as the most positive of your life. Well worth the over 100 mile round trip I made! Would do it again even if it was 1000 mile round trip! Thank you Ryan, Tim and Keri for making this a great experience.
Guido Asmus    

My husband and I had a great experience at Boucher. We leased a Mazda CX-5 and LOVE IT. This is my first brand new car and Tim Nyquist was a huge help. He was very knowledgeable about the brand, so we never felt misled. We had gone to a different dealership, just to feel it out, and the salesman there didn't know anything about the car...didn't even know what features it had. It was refreshing to have Tim inform us about all of the capabilities and options without being overbearing. This place takes care of you and they are willing to go above and beyond to make sure you're getting the best service possible. I highly recommend them to anyone who's in the car buying/ leasing process!
Elizabeth Koenig   Mazda   CX-5

You are THE BEST.. Everyone there from those who answer phones, show you the vehicles, help you with financing and prepare you car for pick up and even those behind the scenes that you don't even see - are wonderful.. I am a Boucher Kia fan for life.. I wouldn't purchase a vehicle anywhere else.....sincerely.. Mary Lou
Mary Lou Larsen 2014  Kia   Forte

I recieved a e-mail from you to take a survey about my experience at your dealership. Having a problem with that web site so I thought I would send you this on the contact us. I can't say enough on about how great on an experience it was working with Almer and Suzanne. In today's world it seems like customer service is a thing of the past. When I walked in to your place you proved I was wrong about that. I felt that was my decision that I would go no where else to look for a car. I appreciate everything you did for me and will highly recommend Frank Boucher's place to anyone looking for a car. Again thank you to the whole team for the greatest service I've seen in quite sometime!!!!!!!!! Gary
Gary 2013  Kia   Rio

Brad and all staff at Kia, Thank you, thank you, thank you.

My experience with everyone I worked with via phone, email, or in person was a very, very good encounter. Seems like everyone went out of their way to help Daniel and me in our purchase of our new Kia. We did not feel any pressure to purchase from anyone - well maybe Fran was a little tough in selling us the protective electronics package! But I know that is to our advantage. Thanks Fran.

Felt like I wanted to hug all of you for your help with this purchase. We were given a very good product for a very good price. Daniel had been checking the internet and the papers for vehicles, etc - he is very satisfied with our purchase. We got extras that we were not expecting, full tank of gas, that special gas in the tires, the back-up video feature. Thank you - thank you.

When Kia contacts us for the survey regarding your service to us you will be off-the-charts with us. We know there are many behind the scenes people who also helped with our experience, thank them for us too.
The drive home last night was very nice, quiet, smooth and without mishap. The auto handles well, has a quick acceleration, spunky. I like it!
Thanks again, Jeanette Antczak-Chelmo
Oh, one more thing - Fran, yes my personal plate is a "religious" thing, as you said. Read it, it's in the Bible, Psalm 91. I pray Psalm of protection for you, Fran, and the people at Boucher.

Jeanette Antczak-Chelmo    

This has been one of the smoothest experiences we have ever had in a car dealership. Suzanne and Scott were wonderful to work with!!! We let them know that we would be more than happy to refer anyone to them.
Bob and Joan Hart 2012  Kia   Soul

At Frank Boucher Kia of Racine, we know your first journey in your Kia begins here at our WI Kia dealer. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing you with a car-shopping experience that feels more like a trip than a task. From step one, the team at Frank Boucher Kia of Racine is able to provide you with hundreds of options for your future vehicle.  Kia model drivers will find plenty of options to fit their driving needs here at our WI car dealer, no matter what their destination may be. At our full-service and parts Kia dealership, we’re ready to match our unique expertise to your driving needs – all to ensure that you drive away in the right car for you.

But at Frank Boucher Kia of Racine, the journey doesn’t stop there. We promise we'll do everything we can to ride with you every mile, starting once you leave our lot and through every return trip you make to our Kia dealer serving Waukegan, Kenosha, and all surrounding areas whether you’re coming back for a new Kia or used Kia car or you’re a Kenosha Kia driver visiting our certified Racine Kia service department during its extended hours for your convenience, you can be sure that the staff at Frank Boucher Kia is prepared to drive with you through every pit stop on your journey. Our WI car dealer is also proud to offer you all our knowledge about Kia loans in WI and other auto financing options, to help ensure that your Kia purchase is as affordable as it is fun. 

As an automotive leader serving car shoppers in Milwaukee, Waukegan and Kenosha, Frank Boucher Kia of Racine is proud to make car shopping in WI easier than ever before. That’s because our work always remains centered on one goal: providing outstanding customer service. The staff at Frank Boucher Kia of Racine is not here to mislead you. We believe in honest work and sharing a good value with our shoppers. Every customer who drives away in a vehicle they love helps the team at Frank Boucher Kia of Racine improve our service. Come in to our Racine Kia dealer today to see what we’re doing right, and learn what we can offer you for your next big journey!

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